Fire TV/Stick UPDATE

Now that Terrarium TV has been shutdown there are a few new apps to take its place currently at the top of the list is Cinema (also called HDMovies) there are a couple ways to get it.  The easiest, FileLinked (formerly known as DroidAdmin), has been removed from the Amazon App Store. If you already have FileLinked or DroidAdmin(it will update to FileLinked after launching it) then you should be good to go. Just back out of the apps page and hit Continue to refesh the Apps list. If you do not already FileLinked installed Downloader(search Downloader on your Fire Device) is available in Amazons App Store. After installing Downloader type in and click on the app you want. FileLinked is the first on on the list and there are a couple of others including Cinema. If you choose to install FileLinked or already have it installed there will be more apps to choose from. When you open FileLinked you will need to enter a code 24217216. After the first use you will need to hit the back button to leave the app download screen and then re-enter the page to see any updates. I will continue to update and add any new apps to the FileLinked page.

My FileLinked CODE is: 24217216